Community – OLO Far infrared Sauna Suit

Community – OLO Far Infrared Sauna Suit experience

So lovely to hear how OLO Far Infrared Sauna Suit has Helped Evita and given her loads more energy! Evita also offers Far Infrared deep heat treatment for her beauty clients.


Here’s her experience.

“I often get stiff shoulders and lower back pain, also my legs after long day at work get painful. I heard that Far Infrared saunas can help but I never had time for it. When I heard about OLO Far Infrared Sauna Suit Suit I could not wait to try it. Having used the OLO Far Infrared Sauna Suit suit just once, the next morning I woke up without any pain. Now I use it regularly to get rid of pain, inflammation or tiredness and I have noticed I feel more energized, happier, getting better sleep. Also my skin appearance has changed for better as all the toxins are gone. I highly recommend it. It gives you a feeling like newly born again!”

Evita Enika
Beauty therapist