Far Infrared Deep Heat and Detox

On a daily basis our environment exposes us to toxic substances. Waste products, toxins and heavy metals accumulate in the body from food, skincare products, the environment and things that are all around us. Mostly it is our fat cells that collect these poisons. Sweating may be the most significant remover of toxic substances. 30 percent of all the toxins inbuilt into the body can be removed by sweating.

Cleansing our body (detoxing) has proven benefits for our overall wellbeing. 99 percent of the sweat is water. The one percent is waste which is unnecessary for the body. When sweat caused by the Far infrared deep heat is analysed, for instance the following toxic substances have been found: plastic, pesticides, lead, cadmium, nickel and copper. These harmful toxins can cause a lot of health issues but also quicker skin ageing. Therefore by sweating you can slow the ageing process.

Many of us struggle with losing weight. Diet and amount of exercise may be perfectly measured for the required rate of weight loss but nonetheless it doesn’t happen! Toxins that are stored in the body weaken digestion and metabolism. Far Infrared deep heat makes it possible to remove those toxins, re-energise the metabolism and boost weight loss.



According to worldwide research the temperature needed for losing toxic substances should be at least 45°C. Far Infrared deep heat can create this temperature superficially without overloading the circulatory system. Far Infrared is low-frequency, clean, heat radiation with a longer wavelength than visible light. The heat enters deep into the tissue to produce the effect. Regular use of Far Infrared helps to cleanse the body from deep within.

Take care of your body and feel better.