A few simple tips to spice up your running routine

A few simple tips to spice up your running routine 

Running seems to be very trendy and popular way of exercising these days. It is no wonder since running is very easy to start and the initial improvements come quickly. Within two weeks the fitness starts to improve and one sees results. Here some nice tips how to raise efficiency of running.

Build up your condition slowly. The training plan should be based on a gradually increasing lengths. This slow but steady progress allows you to get stronger and go longer without getting hurt or burned out. In the start you probably would like to add more distance but it’s best to stay in the plan. Best advice is to listen to your body.

Run longer and slower. Each week do a long run to develop endurance. On these runs focus on running distance and forget pace.

Use interval training. Interval training contains alternating series of high and low intensity workouts with rest periods. For instance three minutes walking, two minutes running and one minute hard running anaerobically.

Interval training improves cardiovascular capacity. Cardiovascular capacity helps you also to recover from doing anaerobic exercise which means your capability to remove lactic acids gets better. Interval training combined with aerobic capacity training, i.e. normal pace running, will end up making you a faster runner. Interval bursts also increase the amount of calories you burn.

Add explosive exercises to your workout. Explosive exercises which take a lot of energy challenge your strength, endurance and stamina at the same time. For example try adding things like burpees, box jumps, tuck jumps and push-ups to your training plan.

Changing your workout is necessary to build up the endurance and stamina. The human body gets used to the same workout after a few weeks. So if you are always running, start doing for instance gym exercising. Important is to exercise your muscles in different ways. Diverse exercising makes it more fun as well!

Make it easy! Training plan is a very good base to effective exercising. Without a bigger picture it’s really difficult to progress on a longer view. Goals are important and motivating – always have short term and long terms goals written down in your training plan! Even if you have very ambitious goals, remember that exercising is meant to be fun.

Rest is very important! – Give yourself time to recover.