OLO Far Infrared Sauna Suit Testimonial


OLO Far Infrared Sauna Suit Testimonial

We received this heart warming testimonial yesterday from Michael and Blanka.

Few weeks ago, we decided to buy OLO FIR Sauna Suit and after a number of absolutely relaxing and ‘regenerating’ sessions, I decided to share with you our positive experiences. After a lot of research, we decided to invest into OLO FIR Sauna Suit after so many great testimonials and so many benefits of far infrared rays technology. Those benefits are so essential for human body to regenerate and build up new energy with highly effective detoxifying effects.

The OLO FIR Sauna Suit is extremely powerful, well made and usually after 20 minutes, the body starts to react with gradual ‘sweat’ and increasing body temperature that enables full relaxation ‘mode’. The feelings of stress relief, regeneration, body detox and energy boost are just few immediate reactions after 1 hour of ’sweat’. After couple of sessions, you start to feel really amazing, more energy during the day, absolutely relaxing sleep during the night and entire body starts to feel more ‘light’ and truly energised.  The sweating process helps to remove toxins from entire body and your muscles and skin benefits enormously as result of the regeneration process. At highest temperature (60 degrees of celsius), the body ‘regeneration’ process works at the maximum levels. The session duration time can be adjusted based on individual tolerance, which is fantastic to accommodate individual needs.

OLO FIR Sauna Suit is very easy to maintain and clean after the use. It is ‘mobile’ and very comfortable to use, even if you are a tall person like me. My wife is using the sauna suite few times a week and I always look forward to free time that I can ‘regenerate’ during the weekend. With body natural ageing processes, the use of OLO FIR Sauna Suit is now part of our ‘wellness’ routine and based on our experiences it is one of the best products in the market place. Highly recommended product with gained so much energy already, and not to mentioned the detoxifying benefits that are so essential in current and highly stressful world.

Warm Regards,

Michael & Blanka