Testimonial – OLO Far Infrared Sauna Suit

Testimonial – OLO Far Infrared Sauna Suit

When I got the Far Infrared Sauna Suit, I was kind of confused. A sauna as a suit? I’ve always loved sauna in every format, so I gave it a try. And what an amazing way to relax it is! Somehow at the same time it gives you energy in a different way than traditional sauna does. My body got really smooth and radiant and it is actually quite great way to meditate for a little while. I usually listen to some really soothing sounds or music. After my little sauna session (20-40 min.) I feel fresh, focused and eenergized. I recommend FIR sauna suit for everyone who wants to take care of themselves in a holistic way…and especially if you want to do a regular detox for your body.


Anne Kukkohovi

Presenter, Founder of Supermood Beauty brand