FIR Sauna suit

FIR Sauna Suit


Look, feel and perform better with our clinically tested FIR sauna suit.

OLO FIR sauna suit uses revolutionary deep heat technology developed in Finland that is an excellent way to remove toxins and metabolic waste stored in your body. 

Easy to use at home, our FIR sauna suit is ideal for athletes, busy professionals, or people suffering from a range of illnesses.

The Olo FIR Sauna Suit is a fully enclosed FIR technology device, with full-enclosure controlled body heating zones, highly suitable for home use. Sturdy, hygienic and made for frequent operation. It is portable and easy to clean, for commercial, travel or home use.

The direct heat from the suit allows for gentle radiant relaxation of the muscles, weight loss, body shaping and controlled perspiration. The Olo FIR Sauna Suit can be used together with body treatment oil. It is effective for weight control, skincare, stress management, cleansing the body and recovery. The product includes intelligent control technology, which produces evenly distributed deep heat.

Suitable for the whole family, athletes, weight watchers, beauty salons, spas, hotels, gyms and generally for all as a part of comprehensive wellbeing. The product is compact, convenient and very easy to use.


Original Product name:
FIR65º – Energy Blanket Active Edition

Marketing name in the UK:
Olo Far Infrared Sauna Suit



The product dimensions spread open:
200×190 cm

The product weight:
7.4 kg

Operating temperature:
30º ~ 60ºC

100 ~120v 60Hz, 220 ~ 240v 50Hz

Output voltage:
AC 240v, 330w (maximum)

Time function:
5 ~ 95 minutes

Control unit:
One-channel adjustment (temperature | time)

The product material is UL safety approved. The product is waterproof, soft and flexible

Nylon, polyurethane cloth, space carbon fiber

Production Approvals (P) & Certificates (C):
(C) CE, (P) TUV , (C) LVD,(C) EMC,(P) ISO

Tested in Finland:
Kuortane Testing Lab, University of Jyväskylä


Product Package Size:

Package Weight:
8 / 7,4 (net)

System Composition and Functions:

Digital Handheld Controller:
adjusts and controls the temperature and timer

Innovated FIR65º Technology:
Certified by FIR65º Technology
“mobile FIR sauna”

Adopting a variety of patent technology
Passive Cooling system “silent”
Two-sided Zipper
FIR65º  Deep Heat Technology can penetrate 3-5 cm deep under the skin to decompose superfluous fat cells
Precise digital temperature control technology. Can adjust temperature by hand held controller.

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