Our bodies are made of cells, and the most important ingredient in a cell is water. 65% to 70% of mass of the human body consists of water. The cells in the body in turn form organs such as heart, liver, kidneys, digestive organs, blood vessels, nerves, bones and skin. When absorbed, FIR- waves are able to activate, revitalize, reactivate, develop and strengthen various organs in our bodies.

In various organs of the human body the circulatory system has an important role, especially the micro-circulatory system. Because FIR- waves are vibrating at a frequency similar to the human body, they are able to penetrate into the body. They activate cells and strengthen the micro-circulatory system.  At the same time the vital energy in the body is activated.


The various activities of the human body depend on the supply of nutrients. Ingested nutrients provide us energy and help sustain our lives. At the same time, waste products that are produced after the nutrients have been absorbed, have to be removed from the body. The process is known as metabolism. The metabolic rate of each individual is an indicator of his/her health. If we wish to live healthy life, we must maintain a good and strong metabolic rate. The wavelength area of FIR is able to improve blood circulation and continuously uplift the metabolic rate of the body. This is because the transport of the nutrients in the body depends on the blood circulation. Removal of metabolic waste depends on the various activities in the body and is also dependent on the circulatory system. When the circulatory system is improved under the influence of FIR, it will naturally improve our metabolism. The second benefit that FIR provides for the human body is the elevation of metabolism thus improving energy and vitality. Its third benefit is the elevation of the immunity of our bodies against diseases. This is a result of the improvement in the micro-circulatory system and metabolism of the body. It helps to slow down the aging process, increases resistance against diseases and increases longevity.

Cleaning the metabolic waste from the body is necessary in order to prevent different diseases and health problems. Regular deep heat is effective and easy. The harmful metabolic wastes in the body are e.g. fat and cholesterol that access our body from the food. They can be removed from the body through sweating caused by the deep heat. When sweat caused by the deep heat has been analysed, for example the following substances have been found: lead, cadmium, nickel, copper and sodium. This means that the ability of FIR to remove harmful substances is very effective. Toxic substances, which cannot be removed from the system, are regularly accumulated in the body. 

According to worldwide research, the temperature needed for losing toxic substances should be at least 45°C. FIR can create this temperature without overloading the circulatory system. Regular deep heat treatment is the best method to remove metabolic waste. The accumulation of metabolic waste in the body may lead to various health problems. The toxin removing effect of FIR is in its own class, because the toxic substances are removed deep from the body.

FIR  increases the core body temperature to 38,5°C during the use of FIR sauna suit and this artificial fever helps to kill bad bacteria and viruses. This is the reason why regular users of FIR products have a cold very rarely.


In clinical research deep heat has been discovered to activate complex neurological, vascular and metabolic mechanisms in order to relieve pain. Deep heat also relieves e.g. rheumatism, rashes and psoriasis, and FIR treatment has showed good research results worldwide.


Wide research indicates that exposure to FIR has the same effect as physical exercise. The body cools itself by producing sweat and the heart pumps blood faster. The objective of the aerobic exercise is to increase the heart rate and metabolism, which increases the blood circulation and improves your condition. This wayalso calories are burnt and the weight reduction is very likely to happen.

Research indicates that the deep heat removes toxic substances effectively from the body by removing fat that is needed to dilute the toxins. The deep heat dilutes the fat and it is removed from the body through sweating. For persons who cannot do cardio exercise, e.g. patients in wheelchairs, elderly and people with poor health, it is very important to create a similar effect to an exercise in some form.

FIR also offers great benefits for professional and amateur athletes. FIR accelerates recovery after heavy exercise, helps the lack of oxygen in the system, improves peripheral circulation, relieves muscle tension and pain, removes metabolic waste, and helps to improve muscle stretch and sinew and joint movement.

FIR is also an excellent help for athletes, who have to lose weight rapidly. 45 minutes of effective deep heat treatment in high temperature may burn even 600 calories. 

An injured athlete can maintain his or her condition to some extent with the help of deep heat when active exercise is not be possible.

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